Well !!
I got some bugs fixed and beta 2 is out !
Fixed bugs:
1.The forward spawn fixed
2.The truck fixed
3.The gold fixed.
4.Added some stuff
5.Deleted some stuff
6.Corrected spawns
Beta 2 release date:

Download site :

Map information :

ein BildAxis objectives:
1)Prevent allies from making the main bridge
2)prevent allies from making foot bridge
3)Prevent allies from capturing the forward bunker
4)Prevent allies from escorting the tank
5)Prevent allies from destroying the gate
6)Prevent allies from destroying the main gate
7)Prevent allies from capturing the gold
8)Prevent allies from escorting the gold to the truck
9)Prevent allies from escorting the gold with the truck to the bridge!!

ein Bild Allies objectives:
1)Escort the tank
2)Make the bridge
3)Make the foot bridge(optional)
4)Capture the forward bunker(optional)
5)Destroy the gate
6)Destroy the main gate
7)Capture the gold
8)Deliver the gold to the truck
9)Escort the truck to the bridge!

ein Bild
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